Exploring Corporate Success in the World of Esports - A Conversation with Liam Brown Introduction:


In the thrilling world of esports, success comes in many forms. While the spotlight often shines on the competitive players, there are numerous other avenues to explore within this booming industry. In our latest episode of "Jump Success is Waiting," we had the pleasure of speaking to Liam Brown, a passionate individual who has found his calling on the staff and corporate side of esports. Liam's insights into the industry shed light on the diverse opportunities available beyond competitive gaming.

Valuable Insights from Liam Brown:

During our conversation, Liam shared his preferences and experiences in the world of esports. While he acknowledges the massive popularity and influence of competitive gaming, he revealed his personal interest lies more in the staff and corporate roles. This realization led him to work for an organization that owns multiple teams in different gaming titles.

Liam expressed his belief that Valorant is one of the biggest esports currently, captivating audiences worldwide. However, as someone not naturally inclined towards PC gaming, he initially found the Valorant tutorial challenging. It is worth noting that Liam's preference for Xbox controllers over PlayStation adds a unique perspective to his views on gaming.

Despite his passion for esports, Liam openly discussed his struggles during matches and scrimmages in both Valorant and Counterstrike. He revealed that the executive board of his organization primarily consists of professional Counterstrike players, creating a stark contrast between their skill level and his own. Being in the presence of such experienced individuals provides Liam with a glimpse into the competitive world that professional gamers inhabit.

Expanding Esports' Influence:

Liam emphasized how esports represents the pinnacle of competitive gaming at the professional level. Developers play a vital role in shaping the esports landscape, and the industry serves as a powerful marketing tool, promoting games to wider audiences. Esports serves as a platform for both players and fans, offering lucrative opportunities for brands, companies, and corporations to reach the millennial and Gen Z audience.

However, Liam highlighted a crucial point: brands and corporations need to provide meaningful involvement in esports beyond mere logo placement. Fans desire genuine engagement and partnerships that contribute to the growth and development of the industry. By investing resources, effort, and creativity, companies can foster a symbiotic relationship with the esports community and forge lasting connections with a highly engaged audience.

Navigating a Varied Career Path:

Liam's career journey and shifts inspire hope and exploration for individuals who may still be searching for their true passions. From initially aspiring to own an ice cream truck, to considering paths in real estate and professional cooking, Liam's story showcases the power of discovering one's true passion later in life.

The lessons Liam learned along the way have shaped his perspective on partnership opportunities, inspiring a pleasantly persistent approach. He values the importance of asking questions and considering different viewpoints before making decisions that impact a larger number of individuals. These valuable insights remind us of the importance of open-mindedness and continuous learning in the ever-evolving esports industry.


Our conversation with Liam Brown provided some fascinating insights into the world of esports beyond competitive gaming. From the power of branding and genuine engagement to the endless possibilities on the staff and corporate side, the episode truly unveiled the multidimensional nature of this flourishing industry.

Liam's personal journey underscores the notion that it is never too late to find your true passion and carve your path within esports. The story of his career shifts and his unwavering dedication encourages listeners to explore their options, embrace curiosity, and persistently pursue their aspirations.

Whether you desire to be on the competitive side or the staff and corporate side, the world of esports offers endless potential. So remember, success is waiting, and it's up to you to take that leap and make your mark in this thrilling industry.

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