Episode 95 Pursuing Passion: A Conversation with Parenting Expert Carol Muleta
JUMP... Success is Waiting!October 18, 2023x
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Episode 95 Pursuing Passion: A Conversation with Parenting Expert Carol Muleta

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- Introduction to the podcast "Just Jump" hosted by Charles Matthews, Jr.
- Purpose of the show, which is to inspire and motivate listeners to pursue their dreams
- Special guest introduction: Carol Muleta
- Carol's background as a wife and mother of twin sons
- Twin sons' competitiveness and support for each other
- Carol's original career aspirations and shift to fashion merchandising
- The diagnosis of her sons' developmental delays and her decision to stay home and focus on child development and parenting
- Carol's dream of sharing her knowledge with other parents and starting her own parenting business
- Partnership with another mom and work with nonprofit organizations and the Department of Education
- Launching of a parenting radio show and recognition as Radio Personality of the Year
- Carol being named the District of Columbia Mother of the Year
- Expansion of her platform to include the Parenting Four one one podcast
- Charles' packed parachute full of information for success
- The importance of continuing to learn and grow with Charles and his special guests
- Carol's morning routine of prayer time with specific scriptures and goals
- Advice to parents on having a game plan for their day and establishing regular bedtimes for children
- Exploring alternative learning methods such as reading, podcasts, webinars, etc.
- Emphasis on connecting with children, creating systems, compiling assets, continuing to learn, and conquering the moment in parenting
- Balancing career goals and supporting each other in different seasons with spouses
- Acknowledgment of overwhelm and prioritizing other needs, like taking care of elderly relatives
- Discussion of Carol's book, "Mother's Work: Pearls of Wisdom and Gems for My Journey"
- Explanation of the process of writing the book during the pandemic.

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