Episode 91 Dustin Bogle How Fitness Transformed his Life"
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Episode 91 Dustin Bogle How Fitness Transformed his Life"

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"On this episode of Jump Success is Waiting, we sit down with Dustin Bogle, a successful gym owner, wrestler, and business coach. Bogle shares his journey towards creating a successful career in the fitness industry and the valuable lessons he's learned from his time in pro wrestling. The host, Charles Matthews, Jr., delves into Bogle's secrets for building a successful gym, including guerrilla marketing, standing out in the market, and focusing on leadership. Bogle also discusses the importance of hiring specialists, developing leaders, and recommends some excellent self-development resources, including the Ed Mylett Show podcast and the books How to Win Friends and Influence People and The Great Five Levels of Leadership."

[00:00:00] "Jump into greatness with special guests."
[00:04:48] Fitness & wrestling worlds intertwine lessons - Be unique, build hustle.
[00:08:47] Fans anticipate signature move during performance.
[00:13:42] Gym expert's book on marketing, sales, leadership.
[00:17:18] Lack of mentorship led to growth failure.
[00:20:24] Hire specialists and prioritize owner's energy.
[00:26:01] "Good vs bad carbs, and leadership matters."
[00:28:42] Top 3 self-development recommendations: Edmylette podcast, "Win Friends," "Leadership."

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Topic 1: Lack of financial control and oversight in reporting
- Failure to consider important components required for success
- Importance of having tear and tranche components in place
Topic 2: Common pitfall in starting a venture without considering key factors
- Criteria for evaluating opportunities: high ticket, MRR, experience in the field
Topic 3: Speaker's journey in starting their first company
- Paying friends $20 per hour
- Observing people with fulfilled lives and broken homes, making a choice about where they wanted to be
- Starting their first company at 17 years old with little knowledge or experience
- Lack of understanding in building processes, leading a team, acquiring customers, determining price margins, and handling sales
Topic 4: Speaker's second business and lessons learned
- Buying electronics from college students and reselling them on eBay
- Making a six-figure income
- Not outgrowing themselves
- Failing their first business at age 21, failing their second business at age 23
- Spending four years digging themselves out of the financial situation
- Working 70 hours per week, impacting health and relationships
Topic 5: Global economy of attention and opportunities for growth
- Seeing the world as a global economy of attention
- Opportunities to make money, improve health, and have better relationships
- Virtual assistants (VAs) as a successful tool in a global e...