Episode 93 Navigating the World of Esports: Insights from Liam Brown"
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Episode 93 Navigating the World of Esports: Insights from Liam Brown"

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00:02:29 Career path shifted, explored different passions. Late discovery.
00:03:45 Transitioned from international business to marketing/tech; discovered passion for esports.
00:06:49 Early in the game for staff on corporate side. Pathway: competitive career -> management position. Powerful for companies targeting lucrative audience.
00:11:06 Esports: Competitive gaming, marketing tool, corporate opportunity.
00:13:29 Valorant is the largest esport right now.
00:20:09 Code name PK Liam: Flaming Duck story.
00:23:00 Develop skills and brand, showcase expertise. Network. Be consistent.
00:28:58 Last Samurai movie, Vanquish game, Star Wars MMORPG.
00:31:23 Facilitate positive habits around gaming for children.

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